The Cimmaron Difference

Founded in 2017, Cimarron Design & Build was brought to life with a vision to provide our clients with the ultimate building
experience from every aspect possible. Having built and remodeled over nine personal homes ourselves, we fully understand
the dynamics and challenges of building or remodeling a home. What makes us different you ask?

In House Design Services: We understand that every client is unique and therefore every project is unique. We include in house
design services on every project, big or small, to ensure our clients wants, needs, and design pallets are truly understood and
realized. We strive to have each and every project truly embody the character and lifestyles of our valued clients!

Concise & Transparent Estimates: In addition to understanding every client is unique, at Cimarron Design & Build we
understand every budget is unique. With over twenty seven years in the residential construction industry we have learned that
every project truly does boast its own unique budget as wants and needs differ from client to client. Once engaged, we build
our clients concise and transparent estimates that details where the money goes right down to fasteners, adhesives, and
cabinet hardware. Our estimates are turn key, all inclusive, and represent the designs and specifications selected during our in
house design process. We know and understand the multitude of this investment. We make it our mission to keep clients in the
know financially as we understand and appreciate the level of trust our clients have put in our company to complete their

We Vet Our Subcontractors: We understand that construction is a chain of events with each event taking place affecting the
next. We put an immense amount of energy into finding subcontractors who are knowledgeable, who care about their craft,
and who want to be involved with the project. Attitude is everything and we want the A team! Additionally, we insure all our sub
contractors are properly licensed and insured in their respective trades.

We Are "Boutique Builders": We are self proclaimed "Boutique Builders." Our core mission is to give each and every client and
their project the individualized attention we would want ourselves. We schedule our projects accordingly to ensure this level of
attention and communication happens for our clients

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Hands On Approach: Our true passion is creating and that's why we do what we do! We don't pass our clients off to a project
manager after a contract is earned. Whether it be scheduling, logistics, project management, etc, we manage every aspect of
our projects ourselves. This approach allows us to provide our clients, vendors, and sub contractors with real time
communication which is an invaluable tool in keeping construction schedules on time and on budget.

Old School Accountability & Communication: In an ever changing world we ourselves find it to be a breath of fresh air when
we find a business with old school accountability and that is why we practice it ourselves. We refuse to take shortcuts in
product quality or product application. We stand behind our work and offer our clients the most fiduciary solutions to their
projects wants and needs while keeping budget in mind. We take the time to explain product options to our clients to ensure
informed decisions and selections are made!