What People Are Saying

I found Mason to be extremely knowledgeable in the entire residential construction industry. His input in design, functionality, and cost effective solutions for my project were second to none. As a self builder, I greatly appreciated the fact that Mason took the time to explain my options thoroughly and to make sure that I had a complete understanding of what product was being installed and what the final outcome was going to be.

- S. Cohen

Cheri has a remarkable gift of bringing her client's vision to life and can transform your home from run of the mill to stunning! She has an innovative eye for detail and color, impeccable taste, and she makes it her mission to create a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also captures the essence of her clients personal style. I would highly recommend Cheri to make your dream home a reality.

- C. Parker

A quality company with caring owners who are committed to excellence in everything they do!

- P. Anthony

Very well built homes with builder attention given to the client. Emphasizes quality and beautiful designs.

- T. McKenzie

Great reputable company with a keen eye for detail. The combination of the on point construction to the interior design combo makes this company a grand slam. I would recommend them to anyone in the market for a custom build or remodel

Drew Shultz

First of all I wanted to say that finding a company that does what they say they will do, in todays world, is completely refreshing! They are absolutely professional, and helped us out tremendously. I can not say enough good things about them and their business professionalism. I have been in real estate business for over 20 years, and there are details that I missed, that they caught!
If you are on the fence about this company, than I am here to put those concerns to rest. Choose Cimarron Design and Build! You will NOT be dissapointed!!! They are the real deal!
If you need a house built (or remodeled) with quality, and fine attention to detail, then I would recommend them to anyone!
Hands down, the very best!

Josh Cramer

Being in the real estate industry for over 30 years, having many dealings with builders and design professionals, we have found Cimarron Design and Build truly exemplifies the Custom Home Builder definition! We know when we refer a client to Cimarron Design and Build, they will be truly satisfied with the process from the initial meeting to the design process to the final completion of the home. Attention to detail and great communication make them an outstanding builder to work with. We couldn't be more confident in our giving of referrals to Cimarron Design and Build.

Betty and Steve Giannone

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

I was fortunate enough to work alongside both Mason and Cheri on several high-end new constructions and remodel projects while working on Kauai. Beyond being amazing people to work for, I was always impressed by their dedication to clients by accounting for every detail, large and small, of any given project. From the flow and comfort inside the finished home to the meticulous perfection of wiring and framing perfection behind the scenes, every client KNEW not one detail in their new or remodeled home was ignored, or left to chance. In addition, Mason and Cheri are quite simply of the highest character, and it shows through every interaction whether it be with clients, colleagues, or those working on-site. On this same note, their expectations are also extremely high - as they should be - to deliver premier finished products successfully time, and time again. These two are not your typical custom home builder and interior design company - and you'll thank yourself for hiring them because of this ... and very likely make two new friends in the process. It's just how Mason and Cheri operate - it's old school accountability and quality - which makes Cimarron Design & Build a very unique and fresh company to work with.

Jason L Knouse